Megalodon Shark Tooth Dk Grey Tee l/s

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To say this shirt has been a labor of love would be an understatement. This has truly been a project involving almost our whole family. My Dad is a bit of fossil enthusiast and specializes in Megalodon teeth. Yes - you read that correctly! He scuba dives for enormous and very old shark teeth in pitch black coastal waters. So on one of his MANY excursions he found this exact tooth which was painstakingly transformed into this image. My stepmom, my sweet Bami, and countless other people tried furiously to bring this tooth to a usable format for me for probably a month! Finally in about 5 minutes flat my sister Heyward (resident SBC tech guru) turned it into the format I needed and spiffy-ed it up some! So of all the shirts we have made so far- I am probably the most proud of this one because in some shape or fashion so many of those I love had a hand in it! If you want to buy your very own Megalodon tooth make sure you check out RU-Sharky Shark Teeth to grab your very own tooth! 
Made in United States

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