What can a Doula do for you?

A Certified Birth Doula...

can help you feel better prepared for labor and birth and be a calming presence for you and your partner during the process and:

  • offers non-medical support during early to mid pregnancy and continues throughout the labor and birth process. This includes educational, emotional and physical support from a caring and knowledgeable professional.

  • provides assistance in creating a clear and concise birth plan based on your personal preferences 

  • is highly skilled in the process of labor and birth and can answer questions, clarify concerns, offer compassion and help with comfort measures for labor.

  • she is an excellent addition to your birth team providing a calm constant through out the unpredictability of the labor process.

Did you know...

The presence of a Birth Doula has been shown to reduce the following during labor:


  • the overall cesarean rate by 50%

  • length of labor by 25%

  • oxytocin use by 40%

  • pain medication by 30%

  • the need for forceps by 40%

  • and requests for epidurals by 60%


From the ground breaking book, Mothering the Mother, Marshall H. Klaus, M.D., John H. Kennell, M.D., and Phyllis H. Klaus, M.Ed., C.S.W., 1993


             Birth Doula Services            

 Currently we are accepting clients for Virtual Support for births with estimated due dates through 2020. 

In-person support is currently available for due dates in 2021.  Dates are subject to change due to pandemic.


The investment for Birth Doula Services includes:

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support during normal business hours. 

  • 24/7 phone, text support from 38-42 weeks gestation.

  • A complete birth plan

  • *Two visits during the prenatal period

  • *Doula support during active labor and the birth

  • *One follow-up postpartum visit

  • *Childbirth Class series for either Hospital Birth or for Birth Center & Home Birth (ALL ONLINE) $200 value


$775 ~ Virtual Doula Support

*All meetings and classes will be done virtually including labor support until further notice. 

**UHC Medicaid Accepted!! Complete our Referral Form to get a Doula. 


Payment plans are available as well as gift certificates! Credit Cards & HSA cards accepted. 

Please Note: Virtual support is limited to whatever your care provider/birthing facility will allow.  

**must be a qualified referral per UHC Medicaid guidelines. 

Birth Doula Services









It is a pleasure to serve you from pregnancy through the early stages of your postpartum recovery period.  As we work to safely return to some normalcy, our support will remain a completely safe, virtual service through 2020 (subject to change depending on pandemic conditions).  As always, you will receive unbiased, caring support as you prepare for your birth in whatever setting you feel most comfortable. Whatever kind of birth you are planning, you will have the compassion, knowledge, and resources of the Bellies-2-Babies team on your side.

We support hospital, home, or birth center birth;  

natural or medicated birth and waterbirth; cesarean birth


Janet, the owner has extensive training and 25+ years of experience as a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. She hand selects and mentors certified doulas to be a part of the Bellies-2-Babies Birth Doula team so you will be assured to have the best doula care available that will provide great support to you as you make the decisions that are best for you and your family.  


We look forward to a private virtual visit with you to learn about the birth YOU envision, your ideas surrounding a plan for your postpartum recovery and discovering how the team at Bellies-2-Babies can help!  


Train to be a Birth Doula!

 2021 Birth Boot Camp Doula Training Workshops


January 28, 29, 30

June 7, 8, 9

September 22, 23, 24

Client's Share


Janet taught my husband and I many things through our journey of pregnancy and the birthing process. Her support is undeniably essential. She guided us in the most calm manner, discussing options and being extremely supportive no matter what.

I 100% recommend this support system.


Having a Doula added so much more than expected. She was calming, reassuring, and brought her expert knowledge of labor and combined that with my husband’s knowledge of me. For those that think a Doula will take over and replace the partner, that is not the case - they worked together to provide me with comfort, pain management, and motivation.

I highly encourage anyone to look into the services  that

Bellies-2-Babies provides.


We recently used Bellies-2-Babies's doula services. Several weeks before my due date, we had an in-home meeting with my potential doulas (the on call doula would change depending on previously decided availability). Janet, Jessica, and Cheyenne made sure to answer any questions my husband or I had. They continued to answer questions up until my induction date (and beyond birth).
Jessica, our on call doula, played a crucial role in the birth of our daughter. Jessica entered the labor room with confidence and immediately aided me and provided instructions for my husband to help me cope with pain. She even provided a breath mint for my husband (completely unexpected, but necessary). She never overstepped boundaries that we discussed. She also made sure that my husband was as involved as we wanted him to be (and not just helplessly staring at me in the background).
Jessica went above and beyond--after the birth of our daughter, she instinctively grabbed our camera and captured irreplaceable moments.
I want every woman to feel as supported during their labors as I felt during my own. I truly attribute that supported feeling to my doula, Jessica. A doula can make all the difference. If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, they are worth every dollar and more for having a fantastic birth experience.

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We also offer classes and products to support families during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.  

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