Silicone Spoon & Fork Set (Silitensils by Baby Bar)

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These utensils are dishwasher safe and travel friendly, BPA free, medical & food grade, & phthalate free. Our utensils will fit in your diaper bag for all of those trips to a restaurant made easy and stress free. 

The silitensil set includes both a fork and spoon set for babies between 6 and 14 months. This product is a multiuse teether and utensil for baby as they begin the journey to fine motor skills. Baby will learn to hold a fork and spoon but also give them the ability to teether and chew from our baby safe utensils.

These are designed for soft pureed food items. The idea is for baby to be able to avoid hurting themselves but also learn the sensation of how to hold a fork and spoon. Our set also has a design of a plate on each utensil to avoid baby from putting the utensil too far deep in their mouth and avoid gagging. 

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