Hand and Footprint Kit

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Precious Keepsake That Lasts a Lifetime - Your Must Have Baby Keepsake Kit!

Having a baby is the most precious gift from heaven. You're blessed with a wonderful miracle, a darling little one to love and cherish. These little feet leave the biggest footprints in our hearts. These little hands hold our hands for just a little while but hold our hearts forever. Let KeaBabies be there for you, to preserve these adorable little hand and foot prints. Let us reminisce these precious memories in many years to come...

  • 100% Safe For Newborns: Food grade high quality clay that lasts.
  •  Premium wooden photo frame in either black or white
  •  Display it with table stand or hang it on the wall
  •  FRAME DIMENSIONS: 11” x 8.8” | CLAY AREA: 4.7” x 6.3” | PHOTO AREAS: 2.75” X 2.75”
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