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Online Classes & Virtual Gatherings 

Fear of the unknown can be a real concern when preparing for birth and parenthood, but with the support and guidance of Bellies-2-Babies, you can feel more confident and in control.

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Times have changed and our Birth Boot Camp classes are perfectly designed to meet the growing need for ONLINE learning and live VIRTUAL Gatherings! Our online classes are modern and relative and best of all, they can be watched at your convenience! As a bonus, we will meet online LIVE just once a week to connect, discuss the material and answer questions!

Here's what's included:

  • Professionally filmed and edited classes to watch at your convenience. 

  • Full Color Workbook

  • Class in a Bag - fun things you will need for class

  • ME!! We will have a 45-minute Virtual Gathering once a week to connect with each other and other couples, discuss your online class and answer questions!  

Our classes are all ONLINE and provide hands on learning

along with a full color resource workbook and class in a bag.

Choose the ones that interest you!


Hospital Birth Class  $195

Baby will be arriving before you know it so it's time to really focus on creating your birth experience.  Perhaps you are feeling a little clueless as to what to expect? That's completely normal and this class can really help! This class covers:


  • Understanding the labor and birth process

  • Overview of the anatomy and physiology of labor and birth

  • Discussion on how to put together a birth plan

  • Pain management techniques

  • Induction methods and possible interventions

  • Includes a full color workbook and fun Class in a Bag supplemental materials. 


Watch it online at your convenience. Consists of 6 pre-recorded online Classes and 3-6 Live Virtual Gatherings. 


Birth Center/Home Birth Class $175

Are planning to have your baby at home or at a freestanding birth center? Then this class will be a great resource for you! This class covers:


  • The nuts and bolts of labor

  • Learn what happens before, during, and after birth

  • Variations of labor and birth

  • Videos of out-of-hospital births

  • Comfort Measures & Relaxation Techniques 

  • Includes full color workbook and fun Class in a Bag supplemental materials.


Watch it online at your convenience. Consists of 5 Classes pre-recorded online Classes and 3-5 Live Virtual Gatherings. 


Comfort Measures Workshop $105

In this hands on workshop we will explore further the tools and techniques to keep mom calm and comfortable during labor, learn the art of relaxation and how it affects labor.  Build your confidence as you practice a variety of labor and pushing positions. Partners will leave this class with a deep understanding about how touch and intimacy can impact their partner in labor as they gain confidence in their supportive role.  

This workshop is approximately 4 hours and will include 1 live Virtual Gathering.  You will receive a Comfort Measures Booklet and a Relaxation Booklet instead of the Class in a Bag. 

Please Note: This workshop does not cover the basics of pregnancy, labor and birth that are taught in the Birth Basics or Refresher Class.


Homecoming: Life with your new Recruit  $105

aka Postpartum & Parenthood Workshop

Often referred to as the 4th Trimester, the immediate postpartum can be extremely challenging for the family.  This workshop will discuss postpartum recovery for mom and importance of making a postpartum plan.  It is also a great introduction to transitioning home with your newborn and your new parent life! Topics include:

Newborn procedures


Safe sleep

Postpartum recovery

Infant feeding and baby comforting techniques

Online Breastfeeding course (3.5 hour)

This workshop is approximately 3 hours plus the 3.5 hour breastfeeding course.  It includes a 1 hour live Virtual Gathering. 


Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE  $50

Get the answers to your many questions about how to breastfeed and why it is so important.  Whether you already know you want to breastfeed or just aren't sure it's for you, that's okay - this is a judgement free zone that will provide you with good information to help you decide what's best for your family.  

​This video, taught by Mellanie Sheppard, IBCLC, includes:

Expert advice and specific instructions on how to breastfeed

Tips on how to properly latch and prevent nursing pain

How milk production works

Troubleshooting problems that may come up

Pumping, introducing bottles and returning to work

What to expect as the baby grows and much more.

Downloadable access to several pages from our beautiful workbooks relating to breastfeeding.

Contact us to Register. Please Note: This class is INCLUDED in our Postpartum and Parenthood Class above and is a better value! 


Client's Share


My husband and I had the joy of attending Janet's pregnancy classes. Not only was it informative, but it was also fun. Probably what we enjoyed most was the small group. It was just us and another couple at the time. This allowed us to be able to receive the education that fit our specific needs.

Thank you so much Janet!


This is the place to go for trainings and classes. Janet, the owner and certified instructor, does a phenomenal job at teaching in a fun and respectful manner. I know I'm going to enjoy my time spent with her and that I'm getting a quality education based on her wisdom and experience. You can trust that if you sign up for classes or training with Bellies 2 Babies you will feel more confident in you knowledge and skills.


I definitely recommend  every expecting, mom and Dad takes one of Janet’s birthing class. She has lots of classes to fit everyone’s needs and she is knowledgeable and experienced. Being first-time parents Janet taught my husband and I many things during this process. She guided us about what to expect with the journey of pregnancy, and the birthing process. After taking one of her birthing classes my husband and I left feeling more educated and more at peace with the process knowing what to expect. Her support is MUST HAVE.

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We also offer classes and products to support families during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.  

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